Message from CMD

I am pleased to share my view in the emerging economy of the state .The economic status of the state is backward when compare with other states of India. So, we need to initiate many ventures to boost the economy of the state. Lamyanba Group of Companies is initiated for providing jobs and employment to the youths of Manipur .Lamyanba aims to in-cooperate its sister companies in different sectors i.e. Agro and Horticulture , Skill Development and Vocational education ,IT Company and other sectors. Infrastructure development program is the most important initiative for providing support to the vulnerable section of the society especially to the small and marginal farmers, landless labourer and women folk in promotion of rural economy and its production of agriculture and allied activates. Lamyanba will give priority to create and ecosystem for bringing sustainable economy in the society .I feel that our moral value must not compromised for a well-disciplined society. In this regard we need to impart moral education to young generation, So that Lamyanba will establish moral education centres in collaboration with local Clubs and NGOs. Green Revolution, Yellow Revolution and White Revolution are felt need to initiate for food security in our insecure livelihood. In our state automobile industry is not promoted by the Government and Corporate entities thus; Lamyanba will set up Automobile industries for providing jobs and for production of modern types of Vehicle. I sincerely invite to the well wishers and noble citizen of the nation to support form achieving the “sustainable development gold 2030” under the agenda of United Nation General Assembly in 2015 for transforming our World.