We mainly focus on Manipur Green Revolution. Providing job opportunity to unemployed youths including housewives/ farmers is our view for well economic development. Agriculture is the dominant occupation practices by the people of Manipur. Our aim is to provide firm and increased in production needed to make self-sufficient in food-grains, agro and horticulture. Various suitable seasonal cropping may cultivate in empty field, hill-side, etc. to produce high-yielding varieties of an organic products. We aim to decrease in Global warming by using eco-friendly, free environment fertilizers. Both hills and valleys unite by cultivating organic products (like potato, rice, tomato, onion, garlic, mushrooms, vegetables, etc.). Furthermore, we aim at developing in fishery, poultry farm, dairy farm, etc. in a large scale industry. All of these points values to contribute in the socio-economic development as well as Agro and horticulture development of the people of Manipur.